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Texvik DSL/DS8

4-channels recorder Texvik DSL, sampling frequency up to 12,5 MHz.

8-channels recorder Texvik DS8, sampling frequency up to 20 MHz, input signals automatic identification. Power supply for active sensors directly from the device.
F2U frequency signal converter, by frequency or duty cycle to analogue value in volts.
Frequency , Hz:   5 – 16 000
Duty cycle, %:          2 - 98



Active P10 - P50 - P150 pressure sensors designed to measure media pressure, including aggressive media like oil or fuel. High temperature stability and sensor response speed ensure accuracy of a dynamic recording, such as cylinder pressure when the engine run.

Measurement range: 10 bar, 50 bar, 150 bar.
K041, K051, K053

CP150 flexible adaptor for measuring the compression pressure of spark-ignition engines with pressure sensors 10 - 150 bar. It reduces vibration and heat transfer to the sensor, so the sensor won’t be damaged during engine runtime.
Thread: reduction M14x1,25 – 1/4‘‘
Length (thread - thread): minimum 170 mm, any length available on order (extension longer than 250 mm distorts the cylinder pressure).

CP150-S set for measuring compression pressure for gas  and diesel engines.
Delivery pack:
  • CP150 flexible adaptor
  • reduction to glow-plug holes (see figure)
 L=           D=
65 mm     M8   x 1
37 mm     M10 x 1
65 mm     M10 x 1
69 mm     M10 x 1
42 mm     M10 x 1
83 mm     M10 x 1,25
36 mm     M10 x 1,25
18 mm     M12 x 1,25

Pa4000AD sensor designed to measure absolute pressure of gas media on mode Abs. Mode Amp can be used to discover pressure pulses for quick valve state analysis or pulse pressure in the exhaust pipe while the engine is running. Mode Diff is designed for differential pressure measurement. Measuring range: -1 ÷ 3 bar.

X5 cable is designed to power the active sensors from the Texvik DS8.

LH -- two-channels inductive probe monitors a primary coil current and the correspondent secondary voltage of an ignition coil


Cx passive high voltage sensor. The design combines the advantages of point adapters (secondary HV cables minimal effect) and clamping adapters (easy handling in difficult access areas).
Sensors can be connected serially to measure more signals.

DIS 3-channel ignition adaptor
In 1-channel output mode the ignition signal or reference mark of the cylinder number,
in 2-channel output mode the ignition signal and reference mark,
in 3-channel for DIS-systems on the output 2x ignition signal and reference mark of the cylinder number.
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Measuring cable resistant to mechanical and thermal damage. Length 3.0 m.
Colour designation: blue, yellow, green, red.
K120, K130, K140, K150

Thermally and mechanically durable probe pin on the measuring cable, needle diameter 0.6 mm.

Thermally and mechanically durable probe pin on the measuring cable, needle diameter 0.8 mm.

Piezo sensor Z46 for diesel engine injection system diagnostics
Diameter: variable  4 - 6 mm

Piezo sensor Z68 for diesel engine injection system diagnostics
Diameter: variable  6 - 8 mm

The T30A-70 current clamp adapter is designed to measure DC current up to 30A and AC current up to 20A  
RMS in the frequency range up to 70 kHz.
Developed for automotive technology. Due to the two-part construction and the mini ferrite current sensor, high technical parameters are achieved at the small dimensions of the active part.


Storage  case

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