Automotive oscilloscope - recorder

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Texvik DS8

View, record and analyse the functionality of every sensor, electromechanical device or a physical process what you are interested in. With Texvik you can view waveform and record it the same as you do it with your camcorder or voice recorder....

How long? It depends on free space on the hard disk. With 1TB free space more than 24 hours of the record is available!

Texvik DS8 - automotive oscilloscope-recorder with transducers power supplying directly from the device, avoiding using additional power cables. Texvik DS8 identifies connected transducers and retrieves data for automatic channel settings. There’s no need for manual set-up, the channel is marked accordingly on the report also, which eliminates an error in analysing the record.

Slots on inputs 1 – 4 designed for active sensors and function modules are powered supplying from the device and with automatic identification.

The range of automatic settings can be changed and adapted easily according to the device used and the device operator preferences. Setting-up control is separated into global and operational parts for better control while maintaining the already familiar user interface.

Recorder identifies the 1:1/1:10 input attenuator position and automatically sets the voltage value recalculations on channels 1 - 8.

Texvik DS8 is:

compact – 160x160x55 mm;
economical – max 300mA USB 5V DC;
fast – up to 20 MHz sampling;
smart - automatic channel settings by transducer type or input attenuator.

The sampling rate is up to 20 MHz with continuous data transfer and saving records on the disk, which is a unique feature on this device. For computers with weaker parameters, you can customise the recording parameters according to the current measurement. When first run, the programme tests the portable computer speed and suggests optimal variants to choose between sampling rates and data depth by signal digitisation.

This device and user interface are designed to minimise operator handling and focus directly on the diagnostics.

Two-channel electromagnetic sensor LH

The non-contact LH sensor designed primarily for the ignition coil diagnostics by analysing the primary coil current and secondary voltage waveforms. Diagnostic parameters are the uniformity of charging and discharging the coil, the duration of the arc burning, and the presence or absence of vestigial oscillations after the arc goes out.

SW update (12.12.2019)

A new version is available for download.
the fault with the opening of older files v.3.

Feature File Preview... (since the v. for easy orientation in the recorded file The main program window shows the area that is highlighted by the mouse cursor on the file preview. A detailed description of this function is given in the User Guide, chapter 4.7.4.

unstable identification of connected devices in some circumstances, for example, when switching from one user preset UP to another UP;

user presets UP for ignition diagnostics.

Connection wizard for ignition diagnostic, pop-up help in the program environment.

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